October 14, 2002

Ad Critic

Oh drat. I just checked it out and adcritic is back. But it costs $70 to join. (sigh. gone are the glory days)

Commercial Expresson

Is it me, or does "commercial expression" seem a little overrated? -- "Commercial expression not only serves the economic interest of the speaker, but also assists consumers and furthers the societal interest in the fullest possible dissemination of information." -- the opinion of the court in the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York case
I don't know. I just have never thought about the Blockbuster ad with the hamster and the rabbit as "furthering societal interest." Though I must admit, every time I think of one of those ads I get a little sad that adbuster is kaput. That would be a fun one to replay for the kids (over and over and over again.... They used to really dig the PETA commercial with the singing cows).

October 5, 2002

Bellybutton Lint and Other Important Studies

Finally, a study on bellybutton lint (BBL)! I've always wondered why I have none and Rob seems to have lint even after he's (claimed to have) removed it all. Its worth taking a brief jaunt over to check out the Ig Nobel winners and runner ups.