September 4, 2012

Still Testing Stuff

The Great Multiply Migration of 2012 is still in process. As a result, I'm still trying to figure out the features of here, there and assorted other wheres. Sometimes even when someone tells you about a feature, you don't really grok it until you've done it yourself. So I'm just gonna do a whole bunch of whatever in this post and see how it works to do it.  I'll write about it as I go so this won't just be a testing post, but also a learning post and hopefully a help to others.

Insert Photo(s) into Blog Post: Click on the scenery image button above. (It's just to the right of Link and left of the movie icon.) Add photos using the options along the left hand side. I've already made posts where I added photos using the upload feature. So this time I'm going to try loading something from a URL. I'm wondering if the photo will be brought over here, or if the image will still link back to the original URL.

Hmmm, I added the photo yes, it does hotlink the photo rather than pulling it into Blogger. It looks like it will also provide a link, if you click on the photo, back to the original page.  (But when I tried clicking on the photo in preview mode, it didn't do anything. So maybe I'm wrong about that.) I also discovered that when you move the photo around, it wants to snap to the top of a paragraph.
You can have a part of your post indent itself. This is handy if you're quoting someone (and that's what the icon shows is quotes). I suppose if you post a lot of poetry, or quote other folks a lot, this might be useful. And when you hit return, it pops you back out to the original margin.
Tags: To tag your post, use the "labels" section on the right hand side when composing.

Schedule your post: You can schedule when your post will publish using the scheduling section to the right. It's pretty straightforward.

Permalink and Location tagging: You can set up a permanent link for your post. I don't really get the advantage of that. Is it presumed that the link will change a lot otherwise? You can also geotag your post. This might be handy if you travel a lot and are writing about your experiences. ... I suppose.

Comments: You can allow or not allow comments on a post - on a per post basis. Ditto for Backlinks (which is when someone links back to your post from another post... I think.)

Privacy: Just looked again at privacy settings. They're horrible. You're either all the way on or all the way hidden. There's no per post setting of access. And folks have to have a google account to view your blog if you set it to private.     I guess that makes sense, since there's no other way for them to know if you're the person in question or not. And I suppose that does line up with how Multiply worked. But I don't know everyone's email addresses! I wonder if knowing their Google username is enough. I wish you could set privacy based on G+ circles. That would be so much easier.

OK, enough of that for now. Post comments, questions, complaints below.