June 24, 2012

Got an organization or business you want to promote? You should be on Google+

I help out with several non-profit organizations that want to get the word out about what they do, but they don't have a big budget to get their news out. I also have a friend that's starting up a new business and they're in the same boat. I see a lot of organizations use Facebook as their "go to" place for disseminating news and information about their product, projects or events. But have you ever heard about something and tried to then look it up on Facebook? Unless you know the exact name of the organization as it's listed on Facebook, you probably won't find it. And even if you do, there are times I've still not had things turn up in a Facebook search, even though I'd done the exact same search before and found the page I needed right away. Facebook is not the place to be if you want to be easily found.

Enter Google+. I love that place. Not only is it far more customizable than Facebook, but things are imminently findable... as you would guess from a search engine