January 12, 2007

January 10 - 11: London and Cambridge

Can you tell Rob took these pics? I took one of the war memorial and included the background building for context and because the background building was also interesting. Rob just takes a bunch of pictures of the memorial. There you have it.

Trumpington Park & Ride: Wednesday 12:55 pm GMT

Jennifer gave us a ride to the Hemel Hempstead bus stop and we caught a bus up towards Cambridge. I think I messed up, though. We should have called Vanessa on our way up and instead we’ve tried calling her from the station. But we have a feeling that she’s already left to get us at the other stop over in Cambridge.

Histon in Cambridgeshire: Thursday 8:45 am GMT

Turns out Ness was still at work and had just left her phone at her desk while she was away. And since we were calling from the station and not from Rob’s cell phone, she didn’t think it was us. I called back a bit after writing the above and got ahold of her and she spirited us away home (after taking us for a spin through Cambridge).

We hung out at Nessa’s chatting for awhile, and then we took a walk to see Histon. We grabbed some groceries on the way home and I made omelette’s for everyone for dinner. (The kids were at Patrick’s so it was just the three of us.) My omelette had onions, peppers, and cheddar cheese. I added some chicken to Rob’s and Vanessa’s.

Then we drove into town and had a beer at The Eagle, one of the oldest pubs in Cambridge, and one that is notable for the writing on the ceiling done by RAF and USAF men during WWII. Rob got me a Greene King’s IPA, which I didn’t much care for (but then, I don’t generally care for IPAs) and he had a Speckled Hen (which I didn’t much care for, either. But Rob was trying to go for English beers and we’d already tried to the Abbot’s. He got a 1/2 pint afterwards of whatever the other one they had on draft was (another one with letters for a name - LBW?) and I didn’t like that one either.) We asked Vanessa where the local brew pubs were and she scrunched up her eyes and thought and then said, “I’ve never heard of something like that around here.” :-P What’s with that?!!

We came back home and Vanessa and I took another walk while we waited for Katie to get back from her dad’s house.

-- Pictures are from Wednesday and Thursday. I didn’t get Rob’s pics off his (my) camera yesterday. --