March 29, 2004

"What we're saying is, culture matters. I think one of the most important questions facing Americans is, how do they preserve their culture with this onslaught of new people and new cultures diluting what we are and who we are?" -- Dic Lamm, former Colorado governor and candidate for the Sierra Club's board of directors.

#1 What does "Americans' culture" have to do with the environment? Isn't the Sierra Club an organization dedicated to preserving the environment? What am I missing?

#2 What's so great about the American culture that we would want to preserve it? Are our hamburgers so bad that the influx of tamale eaters would threaten our fast food industry? (Well, one can hope, I guess.)

#3 Whatever happened to "give me your tired, your poor" and the whole melting pot idea? Have we finally blended into such a perfect mix that we can't risk having anything else added to the pot?

Oh, and btw, Lamm didn't even JOIN the Sierra Club until a few weeks before he announced his candidacy for the board. Talk about a man of integrity!