March 31, 2003

Eating Locally

I'm adding a section to my web site on local foods (local to the Fort Collins area, that is). I'd like to eat/shop more locally. (more locally? locallier? hmmmm....). Anyway, I've called it Tomato Sunrise.

edit on 8/14/12: this is another site that's long gone. it never really got underway anyway. with three little kids, it was hard to pull something like this together. oh well. it was a great idea.  :-}

SUV Smack Down

According to Click and Clack (in the 3/31/03 Denver Post), "When an SUV hits a car in the side, there are 16 driver fatalities in the car for every one in the SUV. When a car hits a car in the side, there are about eight driver fatalities in the car that was hit, compared with the car that did the hitting."

Just one more reason not to drive an SUV.

March 30, 2003

SUVs / Light Trucks - a safety issue

"The tests underscored how the proliferation of light trucks is complicating auto safety. While many drivers assume such vehicles are safer, sport utility vehicles actually have slightly higher death rates for their own occupants than cars do because their high ground clearance makes them less stable and more likely to roll over. And when an S.U.V. strikes a car in the side, it is three times more likely than a car to cause a death, federal data says. The rate is even higher when pickups hit cars." -- NYT (3/27/03) see more