October 14, 2002

Ad Critic

Oh drat. I just checked it out and adcritic is back. But it costs $70 to join. (sigh. gone are the glory days)

Commercial Expresson

Is it me, or does "commercial expression" seem a little overrated? -- "Commercial expression not only serves the economic interest of the speaker, but also assists consumers and furthers the societal interest in the fullest possible dissemination of information." -- the opinion of the court in the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York case
I don't know. I just have never thought about the Blockbuster ad with the hamster and the rabbit as "furthering societal interest." Though I must admit, every time I think of one of those ads I get a little sad that adbuster is kaput. That would be a fun one to replay for the kids (over and over and over again.... They used to really dig the PETA commercial with the singing cows).