July 31, 2003

Finally there's something bigger and better to kill people with than SUV's.

July 28, 2003

Deliberately Random Thoughts

I'm looking for music for the slide show I'm putting together for my grandfather. (He's in the hospital and not expected to make it.) I'll probably set the slideshow up on my computer (imovie) and let it play. I'd like upbeat music, but nothing gross for that setting. I want to somehow express that my grandfather had a full and fun life (without focusing too much on the fact that its over).

Anyway, while searching for a song that might work (something other than "Friends are friends forever" please) I came across this site --> deliberately random thoughts. I didn't read much of it, but the pictures are fun to look at (perhaps trying a little too hard to be artsy, but fun none-the-less).

July 27, 2003

When Reality is Chic

I'm finally catching up on some back reading. I found an interesting article in The Atlantic Monthly (August 1997) entitled "The Real Thing: when everything has been simulated, will reality be chic?" Though the article didn't quite make it all the way to reality TV, the title alone came pretty darn close. Impressive work, Atlantic Monthly.

July 9, 2003

The Pastor is an Atheist

Question of the day: Can you be a pastor and not believe in God? Thorkild Grosboll thinks so (as do many of his parishioners). Perhaps someone needs to start a "not-Christian" church, where the members believe in being and doing good, studying "great" people such as Jesus, but who don't necessarily have to believe in anything religious. Beats calling themselves Christians and not following Christ. (Sorta like calling yourself a socialist but living in solitude, or calling yourself a matrix-ist but not following the bunny.)