January 7, 2003


This is kind of cool. (I guess its been going around, but its the first I've seen it.)

National Security and What You Drive

Here's some quotes worth quoting:

"Everytime I get in it (his hybrid car), I feel like I'm demonstrating my point of view on national security," Mr. Emanuel said. "Fifteen of the 19 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. I refuse to give them more money."

"It was a personal political reaction to September 11," Stephen Collsin (one of the starts from "Seventh Heaven") said. "It's my personal fantasy that we could turn around to a country like Saudi Arabia and say, 'We love you guys, but we don't need your oil. Knock yourselves out, but we don't need it.' And it wouldn't be that hard to do."

-- both quotes are taken from the New York Times article on hybrid cards (December 11, 2002)