September 23, 2003

A Korean farmer stabs himself in the heart and the largest farmers co-op in the US is kaput. Perhaps if we just started paying for groceries what they were worth, farmers would be able to make a living wage. Instead we spend money on processed food which is worse for us (and the environment) and the money we spent goes to the marketing departments of these big companies rather than to the growers of the food.

September 2, 2003

29,000 rubber duckies, frogs, beavers and turtles have been taking an ocean tour for the past 11 years after falling of their cargo ship during a storm. If you happen to find one of these little fellas, you can get a $100 US Savings Bond from First Years Inc. (the company who originally ordered the rubber pets) or you can try your luck on ebay. These little guys are collectors items after their ocean journey.

Another study has been done to show that if you live in the suburbs, which are built so that you pretty much have to drive to get anywhere, you're more likely to be obese and have high blood pressure. If you live in a denser area (such as in a large city or in a part of town built before World War II) then you're more likely to walk more often. well, duh!

Finally the small towns come suburbs are fighting back. Lopatcong Township, in New Jersey, is trying to keep families with school age children from moving in. It seems the costs of schooling is outpacing the property tax that the newcomers bring in. But isn't saddling these idyllic communities with the costs of raising our kids part of the American way?!!! (queue music: "Oh I'm proud to be an American...."