June 28, 2003


"We want troops to be here," said Muhammad S. Jalloh, 18 [of Liberia]. "Americans are our big brothers." {finally somone who likes us!}

The crowd paraded along the street, waving tree branches and singing, "George Bush -- We Liiiiike you."

"He's a world president," Abu Kamara, 26, explained. "He's powerful." {That he is, Abu. }

I suspect much of the world agrees with Abu. Some love America for it, some hate America for it. Even those of us in America sense its true and have the same reactions. Of course, W doesn't run the UN yet. That'll be the day."

To check out the article on liberia, see the Saturday (June 28, 2003) New York Times.

June 18, 2003

Toxic China

I knew that bunches of cheap stuff from China was too good to be true. Its deadly. But at least we don't have to shell out a lot of dough for all the pithy little things we buy, right? And that's what its all about, us saving money and having lots of stuff. Too bad about those guys in China.