June 4, 2012

Uncle Bo

We've had a set of foster kitties for about a month now. When they first arrive, the rule is that they need to be kept separate from the house cats so that no diseases are spread. From day one, however, Bo was very curious as to who was on the other side of the door to the girls' bedroom. He's now allowed access to the room and he's loving it. Uncle Bo likes to help mama kitty clean her babies as well as snuggle with them while napping. He also likes to be around when the babies get canned food (which they're Just starting to eat). But he's a bit bummed when he finds himself removed from the room at that point.  Here are some pics of Bo and the kitties.

Bo, mama kitty, and four kittens

Bo napping with the kitties

The kittens try drinking kitty milk from a plate for the first time.
Two started to lick the milk off each other's faces.