November 3, 2002

Creation (ism)

We've started discussing the creation/evolution/where-things-came- from-and-how-they-got-here debate in sunday school. We're watching a tape series put out by Kent Hovind. I'm not too keen on the guy. It'll be interesting to see how the discussion plays out in the group. I think everyone's a bit nervous about it right now because we don't want to argue. ... sigh ... if you have any good sites to share, shoot me an email ( i'm hoping to post the stuff i've come up with so far at some point on my web site.

edit added on 8/14/12: both the email and website addy are no longer in use. but you can add something to the comments if you'd like. it turns out the discussion was nill. the moment i would start a discussion that in any way suggested that not everyone believes what the creationists believe, the class would suddenly and abruptly come to an end. :-P