March 19, 2005

Back yard of the San Francisco house

"Aerial" view of the back yard. It might not look like much, but check out the next pic to see what it used to look like when we bought the place. (This was the text under the first photo in the album... back when it was on Multiply.)

We removed lots of junk as well as about 200 square feet of cement.

Lots of new plants will be going in soon.

When we first moved into this house, the backyard was pretty trashed. The people that lived here before us (renters who we knew) said they'd already done a great deal to improve the yard.

Once we were moved in, we threw away the miscellaneous dryer, the rotting gazebo, and lots of junk. Then we broke up most of the cement and planted a vegetable garden, an herb garden and some random flowers.

Unfortunately, once I had the twins I couldn't do much of anything back there and the yard fell back into disrepair.

Since we moved away, a friend of ours, Brett, has been hauling away more trash, laying grass, and preparing plant beds.


  1. is It yours?
    It seems they need help to rearrange the backyard.

  2. right now the yard has had all of it's "contents" sorted and some will be pitched, some will be moved to more appropriate locations, and some things will be put into service.

    it's come a LONG way since we first bought the place, that's for sure.

  3. I remember visiting Frisco when my brother worked there. I distinctly remember feeling too crowded. Looking at this picture reaffirms the feeling. Urban living is so not for me.

  4. Maybe you should move to Hooterville. Though, now that I think about it, maybe I should too... :)

  5. i should netlflix those. i bet the kids would get a kick out of them.

    zsa zsa always reminded me of my grandmother.

  6. hahaha. I used to watch that show when it Nick at Night was new. I watched it because it was near Mr. Ed and I Love Lucy.

    I just want an acre near suburbia. I want somewhere with no neighbors where I can invite people for outdoor stuff yet have close highway access, too.

  7. Count me in! I've always wanted a pig

  8. a rather expensive fixer-upper at that. of course, prices have only continued to shoot up so i'm not complaining. but i was in shock when we first started looking for houses at the time.

    we tore down the funky gazebo and ripped out quite a bit of cement.

    a friend of ours works on the yard now. he doesn't even live in the house. he just likes having a bit of land to work on.

  9. i keep telling people around here that our the land we have is not to be taken granted for.


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