February 9, 2006

Meggo French Toaster Sticks

Nathan loves Saturday morning cartoons, and unfortunately, with Saturday morning cartoons comes Saturday morning commercials = crap for kids. When he saw the commercial for Eggo French Toaster Sticks he wanted to try them. I wasn't about to buy the things, so I made my own version. He loves it, and I know he's eating preservative free food. It's a win-win.

I've got the making of these things down to an art and can pump them out in 5 minutes or less.

2 slices bread (i use Wild Oats brand whole wheat)
1 egg (cage free, etc.) ;-)
12 chocolate and 12 peanut butter chips (or 24 all one type)
a wee bit of maple syrup.
a bit of butter

Toss some butter into a fry pan and blast the heat. (We have a gas stove, so there's no lag time. A blast is a blast.)

While the butter is melting, grab an egg, scramble it in a wide flat bottomed bowl. Grab the pan and swirl the now melted butter around with one hand, turn the heat down to medium with the other. Grab the bread, toss it in the egg quickly (don't let it soak, people! that only makes for soggy french toast!) and in the same motion throw it on the frying pan. You've got to cook both pieces at the same time so if your frying pan isn't big enough, buy a new frying pan. Flip the bread around a few times till it's lightly browned. (Anything darker than *slightly* brown is considered burnt by my hoard.)

Here comes the fancy footwork. Take both pieces of toast out of the frying pan or else they'll cook too long and your kids will whine that you burnt the stuff. On a cutting board carefully push a knife most of the way through the bread, but not all the way through. This takes practice. Too much push and the kids have nothing to pull. Too little push and the kids won't get a nice clean line when they tear their toast apart.

Put one piece of toast (cut into four still connected slices) onto a plate. Put three chocolate chips pointy side down on the first slice, then put peanut butter chips on the second slice and so on. Quickly chip up the second piece of toast and toss it onto the first so the chips can melt and ooze all over the place.

Pour a wee bit of maple syrup into a small bowl and set that beside the toast on the plate.



  1. ahhhh sounds and look so good! thanks Meg

    btw is Nathan lefthanded?

  2. Good for you getting creative. A few weeks ago there was an ad during Saturday morning cartoons for some cereal that was chocolate with a chocolate coating and said "part of a healty breakfast" and I almost rolled off my chair laughing.

  3. Christene was telling me last night that, while Caleb and I were away, Ben saw a commercial for Eggos waffle-flavored cereal. She said he asked her, "What were they thinking? WHO DOES THEIR RESEARCH?!?"

    That's my boy. The skeptic. :)

  4. lol- caught you watching cartoons :)

  5. they are more artistical then righthanded people

  6. i don't know. nathan is Very mathematical. he can add numbers in his head that i struggle with. he's only just recently started drawing much (it used to be like pulling teeth when he was younger) and he's pretty constrained in his drawing like i am.

    the girls, on the other hand, are VERY artistic. they love to draw. they love to paint. they love to dance and sing and perform. they just eat that kind of stuff up.

    rob had a grandmother that was a well known water color painter and for a living she designed stained glass windows. plus rob's mom (not the daughter of that grandmother, btw) is also very creative... in a sort of eccentric way.

  7. I generally don't care for french toast, so either I'm presently hungry or this sounds truly delicious....hmmm.

  8. it really is delicious. just make sure you don't use pastey white bread. then your french toast will be just as tasteless. :-P

  9. I use any kind of light bread, but let it sit out for a few hours to completely dry. That way, when I soak it in the mixture it just soaks it up. Here is my recipe.

  10. Meg, I just wanted to thank you for revealing the recipes (and links) to me again.
    I unfortunately didn't find the thread where you showed the way i can get the old feature to life, nevertheless thanks a lot to you for your efforts to keep Multiply up with our needs!

    Check out the way we Russians try to stay not drunk at a party, to have a chance for a save drive home :)

    Thank you!

  11. i've seen so much talk lately about how to use the recipes and links sections even though they've been removed/hidden that i have a feeling the staff might end up reinstituting these again.

    that's my prediction, anyway.


    wouldn't that be fun? a group where we predict where multiply is going to go next. lol! we could put money on it but i bet that would be illegal.


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