July 5, 2011

Extravert or Introvert: E-I (Deemer)

Simple and straight-forward description of extraversion vs. introversion by Roger Deemer:

Extraverts build energy by interacting with the world around them. They also spend time thinking privately, but tend to lose energy in too much reflective isolation. To restore their vigor, they need to become active with the world around them again.

Introverts are energized by reflection in the private, inner world of their thoughts and ideas. They may interact with the world around them quite competently, but over time it will drain their energy. They need to withdraw mentally and rejuvenate in their private world.


  1. did you catch the author? ;-)

  2. Yes:) I saw his book when I was at moms.

  3. She hasn't read it yet, has she? I only just started it yesterday. The one by Baab was soooo good that it sent me off on a bit of a tangent.

  4. I don't know. I didn't talk to her about it.

  5. Roger writes that though I/E deals primarily with our outward or inward focus, the other three dichotomies can also affect our sociability. An extraverted F, for example, is going to want to spend more time with people than an extraverted T. He writes, "Putting it all together, ESFPs trend toward the most sociable of the sixteen types, and INTJs lean toward the most private." lol! So if you want a lively party, I suppose you don't really want to invite me. ;-)


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