May 26, 2005

Cappuccino Chocolate Muffins

I got this recipe from a friend and LOVE it!!!

2 c flour (500 ML ?)
3/4 c sugar
2 1/2 t baking powder
1 T instant coffee
1/2 t salt
1 t cinnamon
1 c milk
1/2 c butter, melted
1 egg
1 t vanilla
3/4 c chocolate chips

In large bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder, coffee, salt, and cinnamon. In another bowl, blend milk, butter, egg and vanilla. Make a well in center of dry ingredients; add milk mixture and stir just to combine. Stir in chips. Spoon batter into greased muffin tins and bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes. Remove muffins; finish cooling on rack.

Meg's Substitutions:
Instead of 1 T. instant coffe and 1 c. milk i used 1/3 c. coffee and added milk until i had 1 cup of liquid total.
Instead of white flour I used recently ground hard red wheat flour.
Instead of 3/4 c. sugar I used 1/2 c. sucanut. (if you like really sweet muffins, stick with using 3/4 c. of whichever. my muffins came out just perfect for me, but i know other people are more used to sweet than i am.)


  1. i'd love to make some of these cakes and stuff but the hell is 2 c's in good ol' Pounds and Ounces??!!!!!! or even grams and Kilograms?

  2. Meg, those muffins sound delicious! cant wait to try them!

  3. wow, those sound good! *runs to conversion tables in back of science book...never mind, runs to cookbook*

    here's the conversion table:

    US/Standard Metric Equilvalents
    1/8 teaspoon=.5 ml
    1/4 teaspoon=1 ml
    1/2 teaspoon=2 ml
    1 teaspoon=5 ml
    1 tablespoon=15 ml
    2 tablespoons=25 ml
    1/4 cup=2 fluid ounces=50 ml
    1/3 cup=3 fluid ounces=75 ml
    1/2 cup=4 fluid ounces=125 ml
    2/3 cup=5 fluid ounces=150 ml
    3/4 cup=6 fluid ounces=175 ml
    1 cup=8 fluid ounces=250 ml
    2 cups=1 pint=500 ml
    1 quart=1 litre

    hope that helps...if not, ask someone who knows what they're talking about:-)


  4. One pound of AP flour is 128g, one pound of cake flour is about 130g. I only ever measure flour by weight, never by volume.

  5. me too, i usually work in pounds and ounces myself, cos thats what my mum used to read out from the cook book for us to weight out, i just picked it up, though most books now do have both grams and ounces.
    whats the diff between AP flour and cake flour? over here we use Plain or Self raising depending on the cake/biscuit etc beeing made

  6. *laugh* I don't know what I'm talking about either, but I ran to the web instead and found this cooking conversion page (which includes things like "Chocolate chips 1 cup = 6 ounces", in addition to the nasty thing below).

  7. i never measure anything exactly anyway. i generally throw in a bit of this, a pinch of that, and a couple of scoops of the other thing.

    and i often don't use the exact ingredients they call for either. (i'm thinking of trying some ultra strong coffee instead of the instant stuff when i make this.) i never use white flour, even though that's what most recipes are written for. and i tend to use sucanut instead of sugar. (rob tends to use molasses instead of sucanut.)

  8. You really need to add pics, that way we can drool over your chocolate.

  9. Hi Meg, this recipe sounds good. Think I will make them without the coffee since I don't have instant coffee either. I will let you know how mine come out.

  10. ok, folks. i'm putting this on my list of things to do today. (i'm fed up with booking flights for rob. i've got to do something that doesn't involve computers, telephones, or connecting flights. bleh!)

    i'll take pics and let you know what substitutions I make and how they work out.

    too bad i don't have a scale around, i could weigh everything as i go and let you know how much to use barb. i'll see if there's metric of some sort on my measuring cups. (sigh. i'll have to use measuring cups, eh? but for you, barb, i'll make the sacrifice.) ;-)

  11. hey! it was me that wanted the conversions!!! Mr Siddig and gal!!

  12. oops.

    hey, australia? england? it's all part of that other country in the world called "not the US". you all cook funny and talk funny. it's easy to get you confused. ;-)

    (how'd i do? do i sound like a grossly ignorant american or what?)

  13. you do anyway Meg lol!! we cook brilliantly i think you'll find (ask anyone who ate the cake i made today, i think they'll say that was a lovely cake!!) but yeah i talk funny

  14. you made a cake today and didn't post the recipe or pictures?!!

  15. Megs officially loosing it. LOL. I guess I talk funny too, being southern and all. But one thing that me cousin who lives up north said about southerners is that its weird that we call shopping carts 'buggys'. But although my parents and just about everybody I know calls them that, I dont. Oh well, maybe I should just go start my own country...hey, thats a good ideer. LOL.


  16. i think i can get pictures from a friend, i can post the recipe thou, it was just a regular sponge cake

  17. we now have a lovely pic. i was half way through eating the one on the right when i remembered that i said i'd snap a shot for you all. ;-)

    my substitutions seemed to work out fine. you'll notice that i've added them underneath the directions.

    ok, time to go plant some tomatoes and squash.

  18. So we are the other country??? I have heard a few aussies say that all Americans think they are the be all and end all and that they don't know that Australia even exists. I have always defended you'll, saying I know a few yanks who aren't like that. Now I'm not so sure LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    It's not us who cook and talk funny its ewe'll over there :-) Fancy calling a ute a truck? or a boot a ? what is it you call a boot over there, I cant remember LOLOL You call a car bonnet a hood. A caravan a trailer. And you'll spell wrong LOLOL color is actually colour, tyres are not spelled tires LOLOLOL and the worst of all you all drive on the wrong side of the road LOL

    I remember now you call a boot a trunk....;-)

    Seriously though, what is that flour you all use over there and what is that stuff that you use instead of sugar and why don't you use sugar? Is it because it's refined, you could use brown sugar, no???

    Ivy I think a C is a cup, I could be wrong but knowing these people who live in that other country, they could be using mugs to measure their ingredients :-)

  19. hey! i know that australia exists! it's one of the states of the United States of Not-America.


    and yes, c = cup. i believe it's a measurement that originated in England.

    here's a quick bit of measurement history:

    In England units of measurement were not properly standardised until the 13th century, though variations (and abuses) continued until long after that. For example, there were three different gallons (ale, wine and corn) up until 1824 when the gallon was standardised.

    In the U S A the system of weights and measured first adopted was that of the English, though a few differences came in when decisions were made at the time of standardisation in 1836. For instance, the wine-gallon of 231 cubic inches was used instead of the English one (as defined in 1824) of about 277 cubic inches. The U S A also took as their standard of dry measure the old Winchester bushel of 2150.42 cubic inches, which gave a dry gallon of nearly 269 cubic inches.

    Even as late as the middle of the 20th century there were some differences in UK and US measures which were nominally the same. The UK inch measured 2.53998 cm while the US inch was 2.540005 cm. Both were standardised at 2.54 cm in July 1959, though the U S continued to use 'their' value for several years in land surveying work - this too is slowly being metricated.

  20. hey, who said i don't drive on the left side?!! ummm, well, the um, first time i drove i drove on the in a tractor wreck(it was a tractor i was driving). did ya know in good ol alabamy ya can drive a tractor when youre eight without a liscense...

  21. I hope that is not on the road LOL

  22. ummm, it was a deserted the guy in the golf cart just kind of left, the tractor was hurt worse than the, hit him at about half a mile an hour...pretty funny...

  23. Morning captainproton, a question for you. Do you live anywhere near the town in Alabama where American Idol's Bo Bice lives? Thanks! pattypat

  24. where does he live? I live in huntsville, the third largest town/city in alabama, lots of 'suburbs' around us, and we act the least southern(but we still have tractor races,lol)

  25. Bo lives in Helena, Alabama. Is that any where's near you? Do you or did you ever go cow tipping?

  26. I've never gone, but I've been invited several times. Does that count?

  27. you guys better watch out or the cow might decide to fight back!

  28. What on earth is cout tipping????

  29. you sneak up on a cow while it's sleeping then you push it over.

    being a suburban girl myself, i've never done this.

  30. Cow tipping is reguarded as a deviant activity for shits n giggles.

    ps. Kung Pow should be illegal lol. That movie is hilarious and so wrong on so many levels haha.

  31. side tracked with the cow drama. Anyhow, you guys are teases with the foods. I took off all caffeine from diet. It was difficult but doable. Im wondering how much caffeine is in each muffin because now Im hungry =\

  32. I had absolutely no idea what cow tipping was...dont worry barbs, ya arent alone...

    ok, to clear things up a bit, huntsville is a city, rather like a large town by other states standards. there are not farms and stuff within huntsville, but if you go out to owens crossroads or hazel green, thats where all the country people are. Ive got some relatives in owens xroads, so i go there occasionally.

    ive heard of helena, might be neaby, but i think he was born here in hunstville...

    and meg, im officially addicted to your muffins:-)

  33. well, i figure that the way i made the muffins, there's probably the equivalent of one tablespoon of coffee in each muffin -- maybe less.

    but when my friend made them, she used decaf. instant coffee. so you could always do that.

    katie, did you make them? how did they come out? did you use instant coffee or real coffee?

  34. I used instant coffee, and instead of just plain cinnamon, I used cinnamon sugar. they're all gone now, :-( so ill make more and try it with different combinations of coffee type stuff...

    oops, forgot two things...
    1) the instant coffee was decaf, thats all we had
    2) they're really good, i think i could live off of them (and spaghettios) for the rest of my life, lol

    oh yeah, and mine's coloring was a lot lighter than yours...

  35. oops, forgot two things...
    1) the instant coffee was decaf, thats all we had
    2) they're really good, i think i could live off of them (and spaghettios) for the rest of my life, lol

  36. Didn't you just put one Tablespoon in the entire recipe? Man if there was that much coffee in it you wouldn't sleep for a month...pity I'm on a low fat no coffee diet I would try them out. They sure look yummy.

  37. hard read wheat is darker than that bleached white stuff. plus sucanut is brown, not bleached white.

    i don't like when my food has been chemicalized just to change the color of it. :-(

    barb, the original recipes calls for one tablespoon of instant decaf. (the powdery stuff). i don't have any instant coffee (because real coffee tastes better) so i substituted 1/3 cup coffee (the liquid variety -- i'd say brewed but it wasn't really brewed. i used an espresso machine to make it).

  38. hmmm...*forming idea*...I wonder how much caffine I could stuff into each muffin....

  39. I love muffin..thank you for sharing the recipe. May I copy your recipe? thanks.


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