August 22, 2012

Go Forth But Don't Multiply
This is a link to an article in Manila Standard Today.

Quote from the article:

"Can an online company survive and prosper by alienating and evicting a good chunk of its loyal user base? And will sellers who thrived in an informal environment stick it out when more rules are put in place? Multiply will certainly be an interesting case study in business re-engineering in months to come."


  1. yup, it's going to be interesting... in a sad "told you so" sort of way :(

  2. i've had my opinions proven incredibly wrong before. who would have thunk 6 years ago that Facebook would ever amount to something?

  3. My constant declarations that "I hate Facebook" must be doing them good .. *zips it* .. lol

  4. Years ago a man bought a perfectly good luxury passenger bus and butchered it and converted it into a garbage truck. Similar case with Multiply


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