September 3, 2012

Xanga - ads, ads and more ads

Ah, now I see how Xang'a staying afloat. On my Xanga home page there are two garden ads and a Penske ad, as well as a Xanga premium ad, all of which are stuck on the page so that if I scroll I can scroll past them. And then an HP ad as a mini popup on the left hand side of the screen that stays there no matter how much I scroll.  So there are essentially 5 ads on the page and one of those 5 I can never get rid of even by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Premium is only $25 so in that sense it's close to what Multiply charged. Except that there's a 10 gig limit of storage space, which means many of my photos and video wouldn't fit. I'd have to upgrade to something that costs even more. 

And that doesn't even include the surveys you can sign up for or the Xangacredits you can buy. 

They have a jillion different income streams. I guess it's working for them. They're still going and I haven't heard about them getting bought out by a South African company that wants to change their focus. 


  1. yes, I guess that is how they're keeping afloat. I've been finding the ads rather repulsive (sexy babes and dating sites and stuff...) but so far it does seem pretty similar to what we have here...

  2. I'm so tired of searching...

    I'm settling down at blogster for sure. I can't figure out how to add pictures to blogs and other stuff there (trouble uploading photo albums, too) I'm also disappointed that there isn't a setting to post something on private. So it's lacking a lot of what I was looking for.

    I signed up on My Opera because SLG is moving there so I'll need to check in on that. Not too impressed with the membership list at that site.

    I'll probably be journaling just on my computer now and spending more time on (gulp) Facebook.

    I just hate that people are being split up in all directions.

  3. I haven't invited the members yet, Laurie. Will do, when I've installed the house rules.

  4. I haven't invited the members yet, Laurie. Will do, when I've installed the house rules.

  5. when you're writing a new post, does the top part look like this?

    if so, then the little painting icon to the right of "link" is what you click to add an image. the word "update" will be red and then you click on the "choose files" button. you can upload a bunch of stuff at once, all to go into the same blog. once they're all uploaded click "add selected." They'll show up on the blog page right where your text is. But if they're not where you want them, you can drag them around to a better spot. Also, if you click on a photo, you'll get options to make the image larger or smaller, to put it left, right, or center, to add a caption, etc. (I really like that part. I always wished Multiply made it easier to resize photos in a blog post.)

    I don't know about albums. I assume that since you can upload a bunch of photos at once, that you could do an album that way. I'm not sure how it would look in the final post, though. I like posting photos to G+ and having them all end up in Picasa for if I need to go back and find one in particular for some reason.

    I hope that helps. If not, just pester me. I'm happy to go and figure it out. :-)

  6. just in case this is of any help to you - places I know where it is possible to set privacy per post: Live Journal, Xanga, and Google Plus.

    on WordPress it's possible to have a whole separate blog which you set as private, so for example I have a public blog there ( but also a totally separate one which I've set as private just for me and I use it for personal journalling.

  7. More Blogger thoughts -

    !!! Oh wait. I *just now* figured out that you said Blogster, not Blogger, Laurie. Duh (on my part).

    So this has all been a total tangent. I now return you to your regularly scheduled mind-numbing social networking search. ;-)

  8. yea that place you joined earlier - Blogster

  9. i obviously didn't stick around long enough for the difference in the name to jump out at me quickly.

  10. Ulla, I was talking about the general membership of the site, not our group. I'm sure the group will be fine, I just don't think it would be a good personal social site for me.

  11. I am actually liking it over there Meg, simple friendly and quiet, spammers dont last long an neither do business accounts, most never get to do their first post.

  12. Now that I'm home from vacation I want to spend a little more time at blogster. But I have a lot of commitments here at home over the next two weeks then I go on vacation again for a week. Terrible time for Multiply to go under. I haven't traveled anywhere, ever, except to see family and then I plan my 40th HS reunion in August and a trip to Utah to photograph the National Parks in September.


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