August 14, 2012

Moving Back In

After spending the past 8 years blogging, community building, and sharing photos, videos, recipes, reviews and links over on, it looks like I might be moving back in to my Blogger space. The site has changed quite a bit from back in 2002, when I first landed here. The themes are far more customizable, I'm hoping it's a bit more integrated with the rest of the internet now, and the user interface is a bit easier to make sense of.

Oh, I do like the changes to photos. You can easily modify the photo after you'd added it to the blog and you can change the size with the click of a link. Gotta admit, that's something Multiply should have added at some point.

I'll be curious to see how my photos integrate with Picasa.

Feel free to post thoughts about the move from Multiply to Blogger if you'd like. Or comment on Blogger in general. No Multiply bashing, though. Naspers is taking the site somewhere that I don't think even the founders are too happy about. But sometimes the economy dictates business growth in a way that even founders can't control. I love what Multiply was and I hope that some day something like that is built again. I'm hoping the use of G+ to integrate all of Google's products might come close to what Multiply was in the early days.

OK, one last test before I go. Can I add a video to this post? Woot! Sure enough! OK, I'm feeling much better about coming back to Blogger. So far, so very good.


  1. Yay! and it works too :)

  2. this is a test comment. just trying out this subscribe by email thing.


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