August 7, 2012

Multiply is becoming a shops only site.

You all know that I've loved this place since I joined back in September 2004. I'm going to miss it very much. But Myspace and Facebook have taken all the users and the only funding the company could get was towards turning the site into a shopping venue. :-P So I'll be moving my stuff elsewhere. I'll let you know once it gets there. In the meantime, I'm on Google+ as +meg d  and I have a website about local places/events/stuff at which you may find interesting even if you don't live around here. 


  1. Myspace? really? wow.

    anyways, yes, it's really sad. I'm not quite the old-timer that you are but it has been five years, and this was my very first online home, my first taste of social networking, my first taste of blogging - I really hoped it wasn't going to come to this :(

  2. So far the top four refugee camps seem to be (in order) Google+,, Yuku, I have some mild nostalgia/curiousity about orkut, since they seem to have fixed most of their technical problems now. Some kind of combination Yuku/wordpress thing (or any social networking site with groups that allows me to feed heavily from a personal blog on another site) would probably be ideal.

    It's still early days, we'll see what develops.

  3. Even though I don't come here regularly anymore, it's still sad. Meg, when they release ways to migrate/download our content, could you let me know so I don't miss out on it? I have a lot of blog entries and photo albums of the kids while they were growing up that I don't want to lose. :(

  4. yup.

    things are apparently not shutting down till december 1st. so hopefully by september or october they'll have a toll ready for us.


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